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Acne: Fact And Fiction

Myths about acne die hard. Old wives’ tales about its causes continue to persist, in spite of scientific condition to the contrary. This article aims to shed light on some common myths about acne an........ Read More

Multivitamins Benefits: Fact Or Fiction?

Many people nowadays take a multivitamin than any other health supplement. It is very uncommon to encounter someone who is not taking a multivitamin. Multivitamins are combinations of vitamins that ar........ Read More

Millions Rely On Fictional Mortgage Benefit

Around 3.85 million home owners believe that a non existent state benefit will enable them to keep up with mortgage repayments in the event of losing their income. Almost one in ten home owners wrong........ Read More

A Peek Through Heroes: When Drama Meets Science Fiction

One of the most top-rated television shows currently on air would be Heroes, a sci-fi series created by Tim Kring. It is an epic drama that shares the lives of seemingly ordinary people who later disc........ Read More

Free Online Surveys That Pay - Fact Or Fiction?

Are there really free online surveys that pay, or are they a legend like leprechauns and Bigfoot? Many online survey companies promise to pay real money for what most people would do for free in their........ Read More

Tips For Buying Science Fiction Collectables

Science fiction collectors are increasing in popularity. These are individuals who collection merchandise and valuable collectables that are related to the genre of science fiction. Many sci-fi co........ Read More

Science Fiction Movies

In recent years, science fiction movies have made a big comeback in Hollywood and I, for one, consider that a very good thing. I like to be surprised when I go to the movies. I like to see things t........ Read More

Your Retirement... Will It Be Fact Or Fiction?

Keep Your Banking Information Safe by Tomas Cullin It would seem that the computer is becoming a bigger and bigger part of our lives each and every day. There's good reason for that perception... it'........ Read More

Government Auction: Fact Or Fiction?

You have all seen them before, ads featuring “GOVERNMENT AUCTION, HUGE SAVINGS ON CARS, JEWELRY, AND MORE!” But the problem is that they are usually advertised in such a cheesy and unbelievable wa........ Read More

The Secrets To Marketing Fiction

When my first book (The Cliffhanger) was published nearly seven years ago, I had high hopes of its success. I mean I am, after all, a PR person – so how hard could it be to market fiction? Granted, ........ Read More

Da Vinci Code : Real Or Fiction?

With the recent much reported legal case surrounding Dan Brown's blockbuster thriller The Da Vinci Code, at last we can enjoy its most eagerly-awaited film debut, starring Tom Hanks, on release from M........ Read More

Cayenne Pepper And Water Diet - Fad Or Fiction?

Have you heard of the cayenne pepper and water diet? Controversy has recently surrounded the so-called cayenne pepper and water diet, primarily due to it's association with Beyonce Knowles who apparen........ Read More

Can Money Be Made On The Internet? Fact Or Fiction

The question as to weather money can be made on the internet has been up for debate since the launch of the Information superhighway (The internet). We constantly hear stories of people who lost fortu........ Read More

Online Paid Survey: Fact Or Fiction?

Paid surveys are not new, but many people are discovering them as the Internet makes them more popular. Have you ever wondered exactly how the whole thing works? We have collected a few questions wh........ Read More

The Atkins Diet - Separating Fact From Fiction

Have you ever wished for a diet where you ate bacon, eggs, red meat, butter and sausage all day? Surprise! It’s not the Atkins Diet. The Atkins Diet has been in existence for over 30 years and has ........ Read More


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