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Fictional Teddy Bears- Fictional Teddy Bears In Cartoons

Fictional teddy bears have been around longer than any of us and have a very dear part in all of our memories. From our very own teddy bears to those fictional ones we watched every morning, there i........ Read More

The Reverse Mortgage-fact & Fiction

Planning for retirement can be a daunting task, long-term care, investments or annuities, lack of retirement income. These all lead to unnecessary frustration. A reverse mortgage could settle some of ........ Read More

Reasons Why Interactive Fiction In Games Has Grown

Back in the days, the games came with only very basic writing to get the user by until the game play had started but today’s gamer requires so much more from their games that they choose. This is wh........ Read More

Making Money On The Net On Autopilot - Fact Or Fiction

I am sure you have heard of a lot of business owners on the internet boasting of making money on autopilot. Can this really be done? Yes most certainly!!! When presented with the opportunity to ........ Read More

The Facts And Fiction Of Meta Tags

It amazes me sometimes, the amount of outdated and mis-information that can be found on the internet. One of the best examples would certainly have to be Meta Tags. I still talk to people that are ........ Read More

Acupuncture For Asthma - Fact Or Fiction

Acupuncture for asthma may sound like an odd combination. One is a common disease that affects approximately 20 million Americans; the other is a mysterious, esoteric, alternative medicine technique. ........ Read More

How To Be A Modern-day Fictional Heroine

It used to be so easy. All you needed was a thick mane of tousled auburn locks, high cheekbones and a determined little chin; add an ounce of determination and an event from your past that haunts you ........ Read More

Exercise Fact Or Fiction?

Did you know that the average life span of men and women is around 80 years? Unfortunately a lot of us feel that age before we get to 50. Some of us, men especially, will go out and buy a fancy car a........ Read More

Free Sheet Music On The Net - Truth Or Fiction?

The search “free sheet music” (without the inverted commas) on google spews out an impressive 17,300,000 pages. Even the most inexperienced internet-user will immediately realize that the truth ca........ Read More

Fiction And Folk - Making Filk Music Together

The word "Filk" is a combination of "fiction" and "folk." Filk music originated as songs composed by dedicated film or TV fans, usually relating to science fiction and fantasy programming. The word or........ Read More

Goal Setting - The Facts Behind The Fiction

To have hopes and dreams for the future is a wonderful idea. If you want to call them 'goals' that's fine also but do learn to get things in perspective. They are NOT achieved in the way you have bee........ Read More

Aromatherapy -- The Fact & The Fiction

You've seen those mysterious little brown bottles in the health food store. But do you really know what "essential oils" are? Have you seen outrageous claims about lavender instantly curing wounds a........ Read More

Home-based Marketing Opportunities: Fact Or Fiction?

There are many offers everyday on the internet and in various publications for the average person to make money through a home-based marketing network opportunities. It’s often difficult to determin........ Read More

Weight Loss And Fitness - Facts Not Fiction

The world of weight loss and fitness is certainly vast, and the American consumer can absolutely get lost in the thousands of easy effortless and ostly useless ads if not careful. With my books and r........ Read More

Sledgehammer -- Medical Fiction Thriller At Its Best

Looking for a good fiction book to read? Look no further. This medical thriller will have you glued to every page as the drama unfolds and an ER doctor must stop a biochemical nightmare from happeni........ Read More


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