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Why Story Editing Improves The Quality Of Fiction

Copyright 2006 Black Butterfly Press Have you ever read a story, be it a novel or short short, that you loved so much that you have read it over and over? After each new reading, you even noticed som........ Read More

The Atkins Diet - Separating Fact From Fiction

Have you ever wished for a diet where you ate bacon, eggs, red meat, butter and sausage all day? Surprise! It’s not the Atkins Diet. The Atkins Diet has been in existence for over 30 years and has ........ Read More

Science Fiction Movies

In recent years, science fiction movies have made a big comeback in Hollywood and I, for one, consider that a very good thing. I like to be surprised when I go to the movies. I like to see things t........ Read More

The Simple 5 Step Secret To Great Fiction

Stephen King says he starts his novels with a "What if?" question. What if a woman and child are trapped in a car by a rabid dog? What if a family pet buried in a Pet Semetary came back to life? What ........ Read More

Global Warming – Fact Or Fiction?

Some people who have studied global issues would say there was no such thing as global warming and it is all a big hoax. However, others disagree and believe that since the industrial revolution, we a........ Read More

Fact Or Fiction - The Truth About Colorectal Cancer

Colorectal Cancer is a disease that only affects older men. FICTION: It can affect anyone, men or women equally. Men and women 50 years or older are at greater risk for the disease. Colorectal Cancer........ Read More

On The Planet Corporate: Survival Through Fiction

I found myself sitting in the HR department of one of the most famous companies in America. My ice queen soon to be boss wanted me and I knew it. After all, I had graduated from a pseudo impressive un........ Read More

Sledgehammer -- Medical Fiction Thriller At Its Best

Looking for a good fiction book to read? Look no further. This medical thriller will have you glued to every page as the drama unfolds and an ER doctor must stop a biochemical nightmare from happeni........ Read More

Multivitamins Benefits: Fact Or Fiction?

Many people nowadays take a multivitamin than any other health supplement. It is very uncommon to encounter someone who is not taking a multivitamin. Multivitamins are combinations of vitamins that ar........ Read More

Science Fiction Weapon Comes True

“The Stilleto” is a weapon featured in Clarke’s science fiction novel “Earthlight”. In the 1955 Clarke novel, the weapon is said to emit a beam of light that was able to pierce a spacecraft......... Read More

A Peek Through Heroes: When Drama Meets Science Fiction

One of the most top-rated television shows currently on air would be Heroes, a sci-fi series created by Tim Kring. It is an epic drama that shares the lives of seemingly ordinary people who later disc........ Read More

Make Big Money Blogging: Fact Or Fiction?

Some call it "blogging for dollars" or "blogging for profit", and if you've spent any amount of time on the internet, you've no doubt heard stories about people cashing in with their blogs. So, if pe........ Read More

The Secrets To Marketing Fiction

When my first book (The Cliffhanger) was published nearly seven years ago, I had high hopes of its success. I mean I am, after all, a PR person – so how hard could it be to market fiction? Granted, ........ Read More

Free Debt Consolidation: Fact Or Fiction?

Do you have huge pile of debt, and desperate to get rid of it right away? Free debt consolidation can be very tempting to take as a fast solution. Do Free Debt Consolidation Really Reduce Your Debt? ........ Read More

Free Money: Fact Or Fiction?

Yes, you have heard it all: get free money. Well, little in life is truly free, but if you are wise about it you can save a little bit of money here and a little bit of money there and accumulate weal........ Read More


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