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Talk About Books

RRP $269.99

Over the last two decades, reading groups have become increasingly popular in the UK and the USA. More and more people seem to be interested in sharing their reading experiences and hearing other readers discuss their views on books, whether this is online, through the mass media, or in face-to-face contexts.

In light of this explosion in popularity of reading groups, this ethnographic study focuses on several reading groups based across a variety of settings: public libraries, public houses and in readers' homes. A range of methods are used to investigate the practices of the individual readers and the groups, including participant observation, interviews, and audio-recordings of meetings.

Reading groups are found to be highly ritualized and potentially competitive places in which matters of identity and taste are often at stake. The groups studied are conceptualized as communities of practice, and the literary interpretations and evaluations offered within each group are shown to be a product of shared norms established by this group.

Survey Of Audiology

RRP $566.99

This introduction to audiology text emphasizes the technical and scientific aspects of audiology, blended with other essential humanistic skills-active listening, empathy, client/family-centered protocols and collaboration with family members and other professionals. This book helps students develop the skills needed to address the needs of clients as human beings and as individuals who have communication disorders. The authors specifically address importance of audiology knowledge for the scope of practice in both speech-language pathology and audiology. This text is written to be a resource for the student of audiology, speech-language pathology and other allied health professions long after the course is completed. Written by two audiologists with more than 20 years of combined teaching experience, information in the text is presented in very clear, understandable language and is organized based on first-hand knowledge of formats that will be most useful to students. Because the authors also have nearly 40 years of combined clinical experience, the text is full of illustrative examples to further reinforce concepts introduced. New to this Edition:

  • An extensive new section on balance disorders
  • An expanded chapter on disorders of the ear.
  • Updated information on digital hearing aids, cochlear implants, stacked ABR, auditory steady state response, and tinnitus.
  • Increased coverage of the profession of Audiology.

Writing And Marketing Books And Ebooks - One Step At A Time

RRP $16.99

Everybody seems to be writing ebooks these days and so many authors seem to be making a bit of a hash of it. The typesetting and layout could spoil it. The cover may make it a non-seller and the additional marketing that goes into many books these days is nearly non-existent. Here is the answer to the new authors prayers. A 'one step at a time' guide to creating an ebook that you will be pleased and proud to call your own and that readers will want to buy. How to make the changes your ebook manuscript might need to change it to the print version - Go ahead and do it, increase your potential market. Marketing ideas that will help you to shift even more units. All the information you need and provided to you by someone who's been there and done it and still doing it.


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