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My Look And Point First Easter Stick-a-story Book

RRP $7.99

Use the stickers in the book to tell the story of the first Easter

Easter is about new life and new beginnings. Learn the story of the first Easter, which is told through five double page spreads with spaces in the story to be filled in, and extra activities at the bottom of the page and at the back of the book. Annabel Hudson's cute, cut-out effect artwork is the perfect style for these Bible story sticker books.

The Child's Anti-slavery Book

RRP $18.99

The Child's Anti-Slavery Book

Containing a Few Words about American Slave Children and Stories of Slave-Life

Matilda G. Thompson

Julia Colman

Children, you are free and happy. Kind parents watch over you with loving eyes; patient teachers instruct you from the beautiful pages of the printed book; benign laws, protect you from violence, and prevent the strong arms of wicked people from hurting you; the blessed Bible is in your hands; when you become men and women you will have full liberty to earn your living, to go, to come, to seek pleasure or profit in any way that you may choose, so long as you do not meddle with the rights of other people; in one word, you are free children! Thank God! thank God! my children, for this precious gift. Count it dearer than life. Ask the great God who made you free to teach you to prefer death to the loss of liberty.

But are all the children in America free like you? No, no! I am sorry to tell you that hundreds of thousands of American children are slaves. Though born beneath the same sun and on the same soil, with the same natural right to freedom as yourselves, they are nevertheless SLAVES. Alas for them! Their parents cannot train them as they will, for they too have MASTERS.

How To Write; A Handbook Based On The English Bible

RRP $11.99

This historic book may have numerous typos and missing text. Purchasers can usually download a free scanned copy of the original book (without typos) from the publisher. Not indexed. Not illustrated. 1906 edition. Excerpt: ...the English Bible is looser in this single respect than the best modern prose. The reason for this difference has been hinted above. When the translation was made, the English language, though exceptionally rich in store of words, had not yet developed a consistently logical habit of sentences. In habit of sentences it was still youthful. So the translation of St. Paul's epistles, for instance, is sometimes inadequate to the nicer sentence relations of the original Greek. Still, it has examples enough of careful subordination to point the way. Such revision serves the further purpose of breaking monotony. A series of compound sentences is tiresome, not only because it is slipshod, but also because it makes a singsong. Whether spoken or written, such a series tends to lull people to sleep. And conversely, one good way to keep people awake is variety in sentences. II. Sentences that Make the Right Word Stand Out If the second sentence of the paragraph on charity (page 77) be spoken or read aloud, the voice will fall with natural emphasis on "nothing!' So the third sentence--" it profiteth me nothing" So the last sentence--" the greatest of these is charity." So, indeed, though in lesser degree, all the sentences put the most important word at the end. All practised speakers know that one great way to give particular words particular stress is to put them where the voice falls naturally, --at the end. What is true for the ear is true also, though not so conspicuously, for the eye. That last sentence of mine I deliberately turned as I wrote it, so as to put the word eye last. I wished to show that I meant that word to be emphasized. If I had written, What is true for the ear is true also for the eye, though not so...

A Thumbnail Sketch Of The Bible Story

RRP $16.99

This is a thumbnail sketch, or general overview, of the Biblical story. It is written for those who have a church background and those who do not. A primary goal of this writing is to keep the story simple. Broad historical strokes are taken but highlights of God leading, loving, and reaching out to humankind is always present. The length of this thumbnail sketch is deliberately short in hopes more will read its contents and give greater attention to the mountain peaks that transcend the Biblical landscape. It is a preparation for more serious studies. Some suggested uses of this manuscript would include: those who have no church background and are exploring Christian thought, first time visitors to church, a curriculum for small groups, and preparation for teachers and ministerial students. The age range can cover older children through adolescents and adults. Why? Because God intended His story to be simple! We will begin with the story of the Creation and Fall, make a short stop for the period between the Testaments, and conclude with the ultimate victory occurring in Revelation. There are depths in the story that will take us a lifetime to understand, but the story line of the Bible is no great mystery. It is simple and clear for all of us to understand. Come and see!

A Phonetics Workbook For Students

RRP $255.99

Understanding how sounds form—and how sounds combine to create words— is imperative to learning how to transcribe speech phonetically. Taking a "meta" approach, A Phonetics Workbook for Students by Heidi Harbers prepares students to transcribe speech phonetically by helping them become aware of the sounds of English phonology.  Following a systematic, learning-friendly organization, chapter's progress from awareness of sounds, to articulatory phonetics and IPA symbols, to transcription. Unlike other workbooks, its exercises are varied and challenging and develop both foundational and critical thinking skills. By teaching students how to develop both an ear and eye for phonetics, the workbook provides a superior foundation from which transcription skills can develop. 


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