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Organometallic Chemistry : A Review Of Chemical Literature

RRP $1.00

This Specialist Periodical Report aims to reflect the growing interest in the potential of organometallic chemistry.

International Review Of Cytology V240

RRP $271.95

International Review of Cytology presents current advances and comprehensive reviews in cell biology - both plant and animal. Authored by some of the foremost scientists in the field, each volume provides up-to-date information and directions for future research. Articles in this volume address therapeutic strategies for duchenne and becker dystrophies, cellular distribution and functions of P2 receptor subtypes in different systems, neuropeptides in hypothalamic neuronal disorders, and multiple parallelisms in animal cytokinesis.

Judicial Review

RRP $457.99

Judicial Review: A Practical Guide is a handbook which is the first port of call in all matters concerning judicial review applications in the UK, whether in civil or criminal proceedings. From initial instructions to appeals and costs, the book guides the reader through each step of the court process, and provides extensive UK case examples drawn from a broad range of claims. This readable and concise work includes procedural checklists and a library of precedents. This second edition has been significantly amended to take account of the following developments in UK law and practice, including: development of the Unified Tribunal system with transfers of judicial reviews * regionalization of administrative court * clear development of mistake of fact as a mistake of law * increasing understanding of the impact of the Human Rights Act * limitations upon judicial review in the context of immigration * ongoing case law developments * changes to appeals (CPR Pt 52) * developments in costs and funding. In addition to the authors' commentary, Judicial Review: A Practical Guide contains over 20 precedents covering all aspects of the litigation process, together with all the main legislative and judicial materials.

The Little Romance Book Of Christmas Love Stories

RRP $18.99

A brand new collection of five festive love and romance stories for the holiday season. The Northern Lights: Her callous husband leaves her soon after the death of her mother, and mistakes are becoming apparent at work. Megan decides it's time to take a Christmas vacation to follow her lifelong dream of seeing the Northern Lights - not anticipating the special care and attention she would receive from the owner of the resort. Marilyn's Christmas Surprise: Thirty years old, single and hard working - Marilyn never seems to have the time for romance or relationships. That is until her actress sister brings the CEO of Charles Industries to the family Christmas, as yet another potential fiance. Marilyn can't believe the instant raw magnetism between Brett Charles and herself - but her sister seems oblivious. Is the attraction mutual? Marilyn would never hurt her sister, and couldn't possibly have a relationship with a cheat - or could she...? Christmas With Holly: Holly can't bear yet another Christmas working for millionaire Craig Evans - not unless he notices her for reasons other than her office work. A trip to his private island in the Caribbean changes everything. The unexpected whirlwind romance between them should be enough to keep her from resigning, shouldn't it? Or will it only make matters worse? A Little Christmas Magic: Carlos Alvarez has some unbelievable news to tell Alice about her father, but can't find the courage to even speak to her. When they finally meet on a Christmas morning, Alice feels strangely connected to him. Carlos cannot decide if he has unwittingly used his powers on her - is it just simple sexual attraction or something more, something magical? A Second Chance With Emily: Jilted Emily bravely decides to go on her honeymoon to Costa Rica alone. When she finally reaches her hotel, her misfortunes increase when she discovers her room, the last available, has been double booked. And to make matters worse - the other occupant is an old high-school boyfriend of hers. Can she make this Christmas nightmare into a Christmas dream? Snuggle up with your Kindle and a cup of cocoa, and delve into this all-new collection of short romantic stories - perfect for Christmas or anytime - these love stories make great reading all year around."

Reviews Of Environmental Contamination And Toxicology

RRP $271.99

Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology provides detailed review articles concerned with aspects of chemical contaminants, including pesticides, in the total environment with toxicological considerations and consequences. C.E. CASTRO: Environmental Dehalogenation-Chemistry and Mechanism M.J. KENNISH: Trace Metal-Sediment Dynamics in Estuaries: Pollution Assessment R.D. VINEBROOKE AND R. CULLIMORE: Natural Organic Matter and the Bound Water Concept in Aquatic Ecosystems


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