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Adult Coloring Books

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A new collection of 48 stunning images inspired by traditional henna. Detach yourself from everyday distractions and unwind with detailed images that will keep you focused and entertained. Images in this book vary from minimal detail to highly detailed, making it perfect for markers, fine tip pens, and color pencils.

A Layman's Guide To Who Wrote The Books Of The Bible?

RRP $25.99

"Bible" as used in the title of this book refers to the Bibles used by mainstream American Jews, Roman Catholics and Protestants. This book deals with the books of the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, including those of the Apocrypha. This is a study of the people who wrote the books of the Bible and of the historical, political and social settings in which they wrote and of the factors that caused the authors to write. The search for the authors and what motivated them to write takes the readers into the origins of the stories that make up a large part of the Bible. While many popular and scholarly books have been written about the authorship of specific books of the Bible, this is the only book known to the author that deals with all of the books of the Bible in less than several volumes. It is in laymen's language with footnotes suggesting where readers can find further information for expanded study. Where scholars have offered differing views of biblical matters that affect the determination of authorship, this book presents the various views - in laymen's language. Because many of the authors of the books of the Bible wrote in response to the social and political situations in which they lived, this book looks into those situations. For example: The exile of the Hebrews of Judah to Babylon set the stage for the collection and editing of what became the first books of the Old Testament. The person or team who did that work did so as preparation for taking "the law" back to Judah and Jerusalem. In a not-too-dissimilar fashion, the political and social climate of the Roman Empire in the first three centuries A.D. caused Christians to gather and worship in secret, isolated groups. That led to the development of aberrant local doctrines, such as Gnosticism. That in turn contributed to the flow of correspondence between Christians. Some of that correspondence became or contributed to the books of the New Testament. Another example: When Emperor Constantine made Christianity the official religion of Rome in A.D. 318, the previously hidden schisms came to the surface. That led to the Council of Nicea and the debate between Arius and Athanasius about the nature of Jesus and to the writing of the Nicene Creed stating belief in Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Those events helped to set the tone for at least some of the books of the New Testament. It is all there in laymen's language. Read, learn and enjoy! C. Jack Trickler

Bat Books

RRP $317.99

This work represents an important contribution to the history of medieval books, providing full scholarly description and discussion of an otherwise very little known category of written artefact in quasi-book form, but one that the 60-odd identified examples suggest was relatively common. This volume will be of interest not only to medieval book-historians and codicologists but also to historians of medieval science and of the liturgy, and of medieval written culture and cultural practice more broadly. Although a large proportion of the volume takes the form of a catalogue, the information and explanatory material presented in the introduction to the catalogue as a whole and to each of the sections into which the catalogue is divided give the volume the coherence and value of a historical and codicological survey of this form of artefact, the kind of texts they contained, and how and by whom they were made and used. The way in which the catalogue is structured in chronological and thematic sections, each with their own introduction, also contributes to enhance this aspect of the volume.

A Gift That Cannot Be Refused

RRP $256.99

This unique work is the first book to bring systematically gathered and analyzed data to bear on the question of how contemporary poetry reaches the American public. It explores the publishing patterns, experiences, methods, motivations, and rewards of 203 living American poets from 1950 through 1980. Although all the poets have published quite widely, including at least one poetry book, they range from the little-known to the famous, from the well-established to the relatively young, from those who write in more or less traditional forms to the highly experimental. Among the many poets who cooperated in the study are Philip Levine, Gary Snyder, Allen Ginsberg, Theodore Enslin, Maxine Kumin, May Swenson, Donald Justice, William Stafford, Mona Van Duyn, Robert Hass, and Robert Pinsky. The book also explores the roles played by the major categories of periodicals that publish poetry-general interest magazines, academic literary journals, and independent little magazines. Commercial book presses, university presses, and small presses are also tracked and analyzed. Information for this study was obtained from various sources, including the many hundreds of little magazines and academic literary journals published throughout the thirty years; published interviews, with articles and statements by the 203 poets; and an extensive questionnaire survey sent to the poets, as well as many expansive letters that accommodate their returned questionnaires. Two chapters frame the findings. Chapter 1 surveys the publishing of American poetry from approximately 1900 through the 1940s, highlighting important tendencies and trends that continued through 1980. Chapter 8 surveys American poetry publishing since 1980, paying special attention to the major change during this decade: the dramatic decline in public funding for nonprofit literary enterprises. This volume should appeal to those interested in the sociology of publishing, American literature, or creative writing.

Understanding Children's Books

RRP $244.99

Children's books play a vital role in education, and this book helps you to choose books that have the most to offer young children. Each chapter reflects on a different theme or genre and their role in educational settings, and recommends ten 'must reads' within each one. The themes covered include: - books for babies - literature for the very young - narrative fiction - books in translation - poetry - picture books - graphic texts. Early years professionals, childcare professionals and teachers working from nursery to Key Stage 3 will find this book a fascinating and useful resource.


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