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Adult Coloring Books

RRP $16.99

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Inky Balm Designs presents "Mindfulness Mandalas", a mandala coloring book for adult relaxation, including stress relieving patterns featuring:

  • 36 tranquil, stress relief coloring pages for grown-ups incorporating henna flowers, geometric shapes, tribal designs, and animal motifs
  • A range of designs from simple to more detailed and intricate, suitable for beginners and experienced colourists
  • Each design is on a separate sheet and best used with colored pencils, markers, and fine tipped pens
  • Get many hours of inexpensive, focused relaxation, and fun
  • Rediscover the art of coloring and harness the power of color therapy to calm and unleash your creative spirit

  • A Quickbooks Guide For Vacation Rental Managers

    RRP $686.99

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    A QuickBooks Guide for Vacation Rental Managers holds the secret for the easiest method of bookkeeping in the industry. The manual is a specialized book for short term vacation rentals. Whether you are a property manager, CPA, accountant, QuickBooks consultant, or bookkeeper, this is the book for you. You will learn how to pay less per unit as your business grows by applying our method of property management and bookkeeping. A QuickBooks Guide for Vacation Rental Managers is ideal for the business manager who: Wants to automate all financial reporting Wants their business to be IRS audit proof Wants to save hundreds or even thousands in training fees Is tired of the frustration and stress of always being behind Needs to identify money received from and paid to each property owner Needs to track maintenance request Needs to track guest deposits and rental amounts Needs to collect guest deposits, send agreements, and track balances Wants flexibility in managing guests, owners, documents, and accounting Recently released book from Advanced QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor, Gita Faust of Tri State Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, A QuickBooks Guide for Vacation Rental Managers is available in printed format. This is the only book in the world that teaches an easier accrual and cash basis accounting system for short term rental property management businesses using QuickBooks. During tax time and year round, real estate professionals everywhere have been dreaming about an easier, faster method of doing their company bookkeeping and now, with A QuickBooks Guide for Vacation Rental Managers, they have it. The new vacation property management manual, just like all the other books before it, will teach property managers how to get their books up-to-date and ready for tax preparation in the least amount of time imaginable. They will easily stay current applying the system to their day-to-day operations. Send an email to the author with proof of purchase to access to tutorial videos and receive a QuickBooks file customized with both Chart of Accounts and over 150 reports for vacation rental managers. The QuickBooks files are available for Australian, Canadian, US, or UK versions of QuickBooks. As a QuickBooks property management advisor, author, Gita Faust, takes the guesswork out of entering and maintaining your financials by providing concise, easy-to-follow guidelines. You will achieve the results you want with minimal time and effort-and much less stress! By following the step-by-step instructions provided in A QuickBooks Guide for Vacation Rental Managers, you will be able to quickly run reports showing how much guests owe you and how much you owe owners. Why pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for this when you can now learn it and do-it-yourself? The illustrated, step-by-step, hands-on manual reveals the secrets of how accountants organize and record transactions that are months or even years behind. A QuickBooks Guide for Vacation Rental Managers is designed to save you time and money and keep your business books up-to-date. The cash basis method of filing tax returns is the most widely used method in our country and the lessons learned will ensure that your business is IRS audit proof. Gita Faust, of, has been an Advanced QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor since 1999 and is the only ProAdvisor to write a series of books about QuickBooks property and real estate management. Her firm is an Intuit Premier Reseller of QuickBooks products and services. Gita has used the very methods described in her manual herself for over 30 years. Don't wait! Start getting your business back on track today.

    The Genesis Of Books

    RRP $315.99

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    This volume is about the book itself, as shaped and made by medieval scribes and as conditioned by the cultural understandings that were present in the world where those scribes lived. Questions relating to the provenance, compilation, script, function, and use - both medieval and modern - of manuscripts are raised and are resolved in a fresh manner. The focal point of the volume is Anglo-Saxon England, approached as a cultural crossroads east and west, with attention given to English manuscripts produced both before and after the Conquest. The book thus contributes to a reassessment of early English culture as complex, emergent, and multi-stranded. A number of different literary genres and types are explored, ranging from devotional materials (e.g. psalters, sermons, and illustrated gospel books) to texts of a more worldly orientation. A number of plates illustrate the work of particular scribes. While some beautiful codices are showcased, the emphasis falls on plain books written in English, including the Vercelli Book, the Exeter Book, and the Blickling Homilies. Analyses of the history of palaeography and the theory of editing raise the point that whatever we know from old books is conditioned by the tools used to study them.

    Fieldwork Is Not What It Used To Be

    RRP $271.99

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    Over the past two decades anthropologists have been challenged to rethink the nature of ethnographic research, the meaning of fieldwork, and the role of ethnographers. Ethnographic fieldwork has cultural, social, and political ramifications that have been much discussed and acted upon, but the training of ethnographers still follows a very traditional pattern; this volume engages and takes its point of departure in the experiences of ethnographers-in-the-making that encourage alternative models for professional training in fieldwork and its intellectual contexts.

    The work done by contributors to Fieldwork Is Not What It Used to Be articulates, at the strategic point of career-making research, features of this transformation in progress. Setting aside traditional anxieties about ethnographic authority, the authors revisit fieldwork with fresh initiative. In search of better understandings of the contemporary research process itself, they assess the current terms of the engagement of fieldworkers with their subjects, address the constructive, open-ended forms by which the conclusions of fieldwork might take shape, and offer an accurate and useful description of what it means to become-and to be-an anthropologist today.

    Contributors: Lisa Breglia, George Mason University; Jae A. Chung, Aalen University; James D. Faubion, Rice University; Michael M. J. Fischer, MIT; Kim Fortun, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; Jennifer A. Hamilton, Hampshire College; Christopher M. Kelty, UCLA; George E. Marcus, University of California, Irvine; Nahal Naficy, Rice University; Kristin Peterson, University of California, Irvine; Deepa S. Reddy, University of Houston-Clear Lake

    Bat Books

    RRP $317.99

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    This work represents an important contribution to the history of medieval books, providing full scholarly description and discussion of an otherwise very little known category of written artefact in quasi-book form, but one that the 60-odd identified examples suggest was relatively common. This volume will be of interest not only to medieval book-historians and codicologists but also to historians of medieval science and of the liturgy, and of medieval written culture and cultural practice more broadly. Although a large proportion of the volume takes the form of a catalogue, the information and explanatory material presented in the introduction to the catalogue as a whole and to each of the sections into which the catalogue is divided give the volume the coherence and value of a historical and codicological survey of this form of artefact, the kind of texts they contained, and how and by whom they were made and used. The way in which the catalogue is structured in chronological and thematic sections, each with their own introduction, also contributes to enhance this aspect of the volume.


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